Baby Blessings

Well, yesterday was the BIG DAY!  The sonogram day, the day we find out whether little Baby Kulp would be called Drew or Katie.  Andrew was able to work from home yesterday so he would come with me.  My appt was not until 2:30, so the entire morning I was so excited and pacing around the house!  When we got to the doctor’s office we got called back pretty quickly for the sonogram.  The techician, a lady, was awesome.  She first had to check a bunch of stuff before we could see the baby in motion, which she said didn’t want to sit still 🙂  I did have a latte beforehand to make sure it wouldnt’ hide, however I have a hard time sitting still myself, so put those two together, it makes for one active baby.  When she was done checking, she explained to us what she did, what she looked for etc.  Our baby is happy and healthy and everything is developing as it should, brain, bones, heart, spine, so we are truly blessed and thankful for that.  Continue praying for the healthy development to continue.  WELL, then she asked us if we wanted to know what it was, and I said, of course, yes please!  Well, she then informed us that Baby Kulp was a little girl!  So, we will be having a little Katie come into the world (around) September 23, 2008!  Wow, this experience was so amazing.  To be able to see your little baby in the womb like that was awesome.  She was kicking, it even looked like she waved at us, as well as do the Hook ‘Em Horns sign.  I think that was more for Grandma though, considering I went to Texas A&M 🙂  hehe.  So, yesterday was a truly blessed day! 


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