Joy and Pain

So I was listening to one of my girlie pop dance albums. Yes, I like that music, its fun and upbeat and always puts me in a good mood. . .especially when I leave it on in my car and Andrew gets in to drive and starts dancing to it to make me laugh 🙂  So, a line in a song said

“Sometimes you have to go through the pain to experience the joy”

Well, this is very true.  Especially for pregnancy.  In order to experience to joy of becomming a mother you have to experience a certain amount of pain first.  Childbirth.  Even some parts of pregnancy can be uncomfortable and painful at times. . .but when you think about the end result, you know going through that pain is worth it, because it will bring you the joy of holding that little baby in your arms.

What are some areas in your life that seem painful right now, but you know will result in joy?  If we remember what joy is biblically it may help to put things in proper perspective.  Remember joy is something we an always have with Christ, no matter the circumstance.  Even this life on earth can be painful, but as Christ-followers, we know we will one day experience the joy of eternal life with Christ.  There are many things in life that must require some degree of pain (physical or emotional) before experiencing the joy that comes after.  The good news is, with Christ, we know ALL things work together for the good of those who love him. . .He promises us that! 


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