Pickles and Ice Cream

Ok, so it is such a taboo to say pregnant women crave pickles and ice cream.  Where did this even come from?  I have noooo idea.  However, I like pickles, I like ice cream, but I still have yet to eat a pickle with, on or near my ice cream!  Maybe it will change, I don’t know, but EWWW I don’t think so.  Why don’t they just make “pickle flavored ice cream” and save those pregnant ladies who started this whole pickles and ice cream thing some trouble?  I know I wouldn’t buy it, YUCK.  Also, the whole first three months I didn’t even WANT ice cream.  One of my other favorites was Mexican, didn’t want that either.  So your tastes in pregnancy definately change, sometimes the change kinda stinks, but still, my taste has yet to change enough to actually WANT pickes with my ice cream!  I have been craving cheesy stuff.  Ask my husband, I think I burned him out on it.  Cheese Sticks, Nachos with cheese, Potato Skins, cheesy dips and chips, grilled cheese sandwiches. . .if it had cheese I ate it. 

Oh and the grilled cheese debate.  I call it Grilled Cheese, Andrew calls them Toasted Cheese, could you leave comments on what YOU call them?  Grilled or Toasted?  Hey, if I am wrong, I am wrong, but I still think more people call them Grilled Cheese!

On a good note speaking of Andrew.  He did a fabulous job on Sunday teaching.  I was able to sit in worship this time and hear him, YAY!  Our pastor gave him tremendous compliment, both in person AND on his blog!  I was a proud wife and I am sure Baby Kulp, if they can hear yet, was proud of their daddy 🙂  I cannot wait until I can hear Andrew on a more regular basis.  It is a huge blessing to be the wife of someone God has called to ministry.  I know the road will be scary, but I am still in awe that God is allowing this in our lives.  I am pumped!  Hopefully the old wives tale about the pastor’s kids being the worst kids won’t hold true for our kids.  We truly desire to raise our children loving the Lord with all their Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength.  So, be joining us in prayer for that, and pray we can be truly godly parents.  Have a great week and God Bless!


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