Stupid Men?

Ok, so I am going to rant a little bit today and get on a soap box.  You know what I hate?  I get so tired of commercials, TV shows, sitcome and everything else making it out like all men are stupid.  Now, I know men make mistakes, but so do we, girls!  Seriously.  I was watching this commerical last night and it was a Brawny commercial and one of the lines was “If you don’t have to go back and clean up what your husband just cleaned, you are a magician.”  Ok, sorry, but maybe I am blessed (well I KNOW I am =)  ) but my husband does a great job helping me around the house and helping clean up.  I do NOT have to go back and re-clean things, especially dishes.  In fact, a lot of the time, he takes more time cleaning them than I do!  We women wonder why our husbands don’t WANT to help us clean up or whatnot and it isn’t because they don’t want to help us, it is because whey they do, they know we will just criticize them for how they do it.  You know its true, I even do it at times.  Ladies, we need to work on this.  This is not showing our husbands respect OR love or making them feel worthwhile!  Ok, sorry, but that commercial just really annoyed me!  I have a wonderful husband who loves to help me and I think more of you ladies out there have husbands much the same way. . .just give them the chance! 


One thought on “Stupid Men?

  1. I found your blog after looking up lines from that horrible Brawny ad. I immediately emailed them through their website and told them how offended my wife and I were, and I encourage you to do the same if it really bugs you. Thanks for pointing it out on your blog. Best.

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