Weekend Replay

Andrew and I’s weekend was actually pretty nice.  The weather was pretty gross and rainy ALL day Saturday, so it kind of forced us to relax and hang out, mostly at home.  We did end up getting out after the rain stopped, but it was still icky outside.  Friday, we had our date night at a pizza place that is new to the area, but one Andrew and I had eaten at in another town.  It was fun, and I even had a lady give up her seat for me in the waiting area since I was pregnant 🙂  It is nice to know I look pregnant now!  I have already have several people comment on me and ask when I am due, etc. . .its pretty fun and it makes Andrew smile too.  It is so hard to believe I have a little person growing inside me, with a beating heart (which we heard again and its soooo cool, Andrew told me he wants to buy one of those doppler things, haha).  We will be finding out on April 23, what little baby Kulp is!  YAY!  We are very excited, we don’t care either way, but we are excited to know what baby is and call it by their name, and of course pick out incredibly cute boy or girl clothes and nursery stuff, rather than unisex!  So everyone be praying baby Kulp cooporate and doesn’t hide what the nurse needs to see! hehehe

Sunday was good too.  I was in JourneyKidz.  Last week, we learned about doing and giving what we can to help others and sharing the love of Christ with them.  One thing I challenged them with was to bring clothes that did not fit to donate, because that is a way we give what we can to others.  I had half the kids bring stuff back, so that was pretty cool.  Next Sunday, Andrew preaches, and I am excited to get to hear him 🙂 

So, that is about it for now!  I hope everyone has a truly blessed week and maybe througout the week I will have things a bit more exciting to post!


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