Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Being pregnant has a way to force yourself to look on the inside.  Sure, being pregnant is a truly wonderful and amazing thing!  I love it so far 🙂  I love knowing that God is allowing me to carry a miracle inside me and the blessing of knowing we will be parents.  However, the protruding belly, bloating, cramps, aches, and other pregnancy side effects I won’t go into on here, haha, are not always the nicest things to have.  They can, at times, make you feel ugly, fat, moody, and want to cry for no reason, which I do QUITE often.  However, being pregnant is also something that most others view as beautiful because they know something amazing is going on inside your womb.  Andrew has already told me he thinks I am beautiful with my pregnany belly and it makes me feel so wonderful.  At any given point in your life, whether pregnant or not, you are most likely to feel inadequate to those around you, even ugly or fat at times.  We need to remember that while man looks on the outside, God looks at the heart, and our heart is the most important thing!  Yes, we need to take care of our earthly bodies, eat right, stay healthy, but ultimately, that isn’t what is most important.  Pregnancy is helping me to see that.  I threw away our scale!  I was very proud of myself.  DUH, I am pregnant, of course I will gain weight, but I know that is something Satan uses against me to make me feel inadequate, so I got rid of it.  I know that I am eating right for me and the baby, I am still exercising and I have doctors that I know I can trust. . .so I don’t need to worry!  I need to sit back and enjoy the ride 🙂  So, girls, pregnant or not, I encourage you to take a look at yourself.  Rather than saying “mirror mirror on the wall, what can I change to make me more. . .whatever” we need to be saying “mirror mirror on the wall, I am beautiful, inside, out and all”  Why?  because God made each of us, each of us unique!  Now, I KNOW I will still have “fat days” along the way, but hopefully with help of my friends, Andrew and mainly, the Lord Jesus Christ, I can overcome those and truly learn to love myself as God does (and of course, Andrew!) and I hope you can do the same!


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