baby brain

ok, so those of you who read my wonderful hubby’s blog saw that he “got the word out” about us.  For those of you who do not know yet, we are having a baby!  YAY.  We are so very excited.  We do not know what it is yet, but will be finding out in 6 weeks. . .cross your fingers they will be able to tell us.  I have nursery plans folks, and they are NOT gender nuetral 😉 

So, I am hoping that by admitting I am pregnant, you will cut me some slack when it comes to writing blogs.  Some days I didn’t feel so great, others I did, but was tired and taking naps, other days my brain just didn’t work and I was forgetful.  All of these are lovely symptoms of pregnany, but all of them are worth it.  Thinking of having a baby always brings me back to the amazing Psalm 139.  If reading these amazing passages does not convince you our Lord and Savior sees life at conception, I don’t know what will!  God has ALL of our days planned BEFORE we were even born and knew everything about us.  Isn’t that awesome!?  So, we are very excited, so please be praying for everything to continue as it should, a healthy baby develops and we can use being new parents as a way to connect with even more disconnected people.

Easter is this Sunday. . .and my birthday is on Good Friday, eeh.  I am old, I will 27!  I look 15, so I guess being 27 doesn’t count for much huh?  haha.  Ok, anyway, Easter.  Way important time for us and it will be a wonderful day at Journey.  I think we are set to do 10 baptisms!  We are also having some fun family stuff after the service.  It is a great opportunity for you to invite family and friends.  Have a great week!


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