Ok, so the past several days have been a bit nuts.  I went into work last week and worked the whole entire day drawing houses.  It sure made the day go by faster, but I had absolultey no down time!  As I said earlier, Andrew and I went to Lakeview North American Missions Festival last week as well, which ended up being quite nice.  We looked forward to this weekend, although it wasn’t too calm either.  Saturday we caught up on sleep, went to a late breakfast together and walked around at outdoor mall.  So, that was pleasant.  However, Sunday was pretty crammed.  All good things, but crammed nontheless.  Now that is a wierd word. . .nonetheless.  Ok, so moving on.  Sunday, we of course, had church at Journey, I was in JourneyKidz this week.  We started a new series last week, Super Sports Spectacular, which is AWESOME so far.  I love it, love the music, love the Bible stories, love the skits.  The kids seem to be into it as well.  Then, after church, we took some friends out to lunch, stayed there for over 2 hours talking, got home around 3:30, and headed back up to Journey before 5.  We had a “Sunday Night Live”  which is a wonderful time of worship for the church family, with dinner, of course.  The church provided the meat, and everyone else brought sides and dessert.  It turned out great.  The worship was great, especially since we now have new awesome lighting! 🙂  YAY!  We didn’t get home from that until after 8, so I was pretty tired.  Now come Monday, I am here at work again ,working like a crazy woman.  I am eating my lunch, so I decided to do an entry before I went ANOTHER week without writing. . .oops, I did it again. . .hmm was that a song???  Ok, so anyways!  Something I have had to remind myself of this week is I cannot please everyone. . .I am constantly having to remind myself of this quote

 “You can please some people all the time, all the people some of the time, but you will never please all people all the time”

Yes, very simple, very true, but hard to remember sometimes!  Especially with all this church planting stuff in Andrew and I’s future.  I will probably be having to tell myself this everyday, probably a hundred times a day.  I am a people pleaser a lot of the time.  I hate when people are mad at me and I want people to like me.  Now, wanting people to like you is not necessarily a bad thing, but I need to remember to focus on the Lord and what He is calling me to do. . .if I follow him and that makes people mad at me in the process, so be it.  It is better to have people mad at you than to go against the Lord and His commands in order to appease them!  Ok, so this is pretty rambly, I think I am going to sign out 🙂  LATERS!


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