Monday Monday

Today is the start of a new week, a fresh start in a way.  The week started off great yesterday at Journey.  We had several kids in JourneyKidz!  It was awesome, we even had a few new kiddos as well.  That was definately encouraging.  We start a new Elevate series next Sunday for a couple of weeks, then its Easter.  Wow, I cannot believe Easter is so early this year!  My birthday is going to fall on Good Friday. . .I KNOW its “good friday” because Christ conquered death and rose from the grave, bearing our sins on that cross so we dont have to, but in a way it was still a sad day!  Even though Jesus told others he would come back, many were still convinced Jesus was dead.  However, on easter Sunday, Christ victoriously rose!  I love Easter.  Hopefully it will be a good time for families at Journey Church.  I think we are going to do some baptisms and a couple of kiddos are up to be baptized.  They are very excited about it and you can see the smiles on their faces about the decision they have made it is pretty cool. 

 Ok so, I have a random question for you people today.  If you could do anything, anything at all, what would it be?  If you didn’t have to worry about money, where you live, how you would get there, your job, or even fear that holds you back, what would you do?  The reason I ask you this is because a lot of the time, the answers we give to this type of question give an insight to where the Lord may actually be leading us.  However, a lot of the time, we get scared or chicken out and don’t do it.  We are all wired to do something unique and special, we are all made differantly, but we are all special and important.  Dont let anyone, or anything, like fear, hold you back from being what God inteneded for you to be!  Andrew has always had a passion for church planting.  If I ask him this question his answer is to start a church that truly brings people to Christ and reaches the disconnected for Him.  You dont think this quest scares us?  Heck yes!  But, we know that is what God wired us to do, so we are trusting Him to bring us to that point.  So, what, if anything, would you do, who would you be?  Think about it and then think about why you are not pursuing that if God is calling you for that special thing!  Remember. . .God did not give us a spirit of fear!


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