I am glad its Friday.  This weekend will actually not be quite as crazy as last weekend!  Last weekend was crammed. . .more for Andrew than for me though, but that made it so we didnt have a lot of time together.  Last weekend Andrew had growth groups to do, a sermon to prepare, superbowl party set up after church then we went back to church for 5 hours.  The Superbowl party was a good time of fellowship, and I glad we had it,  but I am looking forward to a more calm weekend.  I don’t think either one of us slept that well last night, so hopefully we can get some much needed rest tonight.  Yes, I know, my blogs the past few times are pretty boring, but what can I say?  It has been pretty uneventful this week, which in a way is good I guess. . .but it does make for some pretty boring blog entries 🙂  Maybe things will get spiced up this week, who knows!  I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, relax and be with those you love.  God bless!


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