rain rain

Today, it is rainy outside.  We are under a tornado watch.  Those of you who know me knows I am totally excited about severe weather.  I graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Meteorology.  I had dreams of chasing tornados.  Crazy, I know, but exciting, yes!  I was even part of the Storm Chasing Team a year while I was in school.  I personally never saw any tornados (my friends did), but saw some pretty amazing cloud formations, entire storm cells, and lightning.  We have some pretty good lightning and thunder here today.  I love it!  Its awesome.  The only down side is I am at work, just kidding.  I don’t mind, we are having a baby shower today, yay!  I love baby showers and I love babies.  Rain just makes me sleepy sometimes.  But cool, cause we are having showers on a shower, ya ya ok.  Now, instead of being a storm chaser, I will be a pastors wife.  I am sure I will see “storms” as a pastors wife too, they may not be exactly the same kind, but I sure there will be some of them.  I am still excited even though I know at times it will be tough.  God allows storms of various levels in our lives at times to teach us more about himself, to grow us closer to him and push us to trust completely in him and rely fully on him.  Storms bring perserverance.  Perserverance builds our faith and will ultimately bring blessing to us (READ HERE).  So, if you are in what you feel is a storm right now, have faith.  God will bring you through, God will show you what He wants you to learn and he is right beside you througout it all.  God will never leave you or forsake you (READ HERE).  So, trust in him. . .trust me, he IS trustworthy! 


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