Preacher Man

So, today was the day.  Andrew taught the message.  I think he did a fabulous job.  Now, I may just be saying that becuase I am his wife, therefore a little partial, but I dont think so.  Many people told Andrew how much they enjoyed his message.  Andrew himself even felt he did good and that he did a better job this time of communicating with the church.  I very much enjoyed his message today and thought it taught us all a very good lesson.  Be watching Andrew’s blog this week, because he is going to blog some “mini-messages” that were some of the main focus points of his message today.  Andrew is now resting, taking a nap, with the doggie.  He deserves his rest.  He did not sleep to well last night and we actually going back up to church in about 1.5 hr for the Super Sunday superbowl party.  You know, I know some people who have informed Andrew and me, and others, that they won’t be coming to the party tonight.  Why?  Because the dont really “care” about the superbowl or anything about the professional world of football.  I tried my best to encourage them by explaining, it isn’t about the game, but the people there, the fellowship.  I was blessed when I married Andrew, because unlike most men, Andrew doesn’t really care for sports that much either, unless its Auburn football.  So therefore, we dont really care about the superbowl much either, but are still looking forward to this time of fellowship.  As one of my co-workers in JourneyKidz said this morning  “Last year, no one watched the game, we all talked the whole time.”  Well, she couldn’t be more right.  That is what these superbowl parties are all about!  If you are someone who desperately cares about the game, every play, every move, then you probably wouldn’t like watching the game at Journey, because people WOULD be talking and not paying much attention to the game.  But you know what?  I am glad.  Friends and fellowship is worth a lot more than watching a game or getting carried away with it.  So, although I dont really watch football a lot, I am looking forward to it.  My wonderful husband actually reminded me of the importance of fellowship earlier this week.  I too, I admit, was not looking all that forward to having to be back at church this afternoon, but Andrew really challenged me and helped me to see that fellowship and “living life together” is just as important as having time to myself. . .sometimes more.  So, I love Andrew, he helps me, challenges me, loves me, supports me, encourages me, calms me, and he is a darn good “preacher man” if you ask me! 🙂  Happy Super Bowl watching!  God Bless!!!


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