It’s the weekend!

Yes, this was a CRAZY and wierd week!  But it is now officially the weekend.  It started off well.  I was proud of ourselves for not being TOO lazy and sleeping too late.  We have a nice agenda for the day though.  Andrew has some outside work he is going to start on, I have the JourneyKidz stuff to create (which is always FUN!!!!) and we also cannot forget the important “quality time” together as well. 

We had a nice Friday night last night.  We had a Ceaser Salad (from a kit), and a frozen pizza (Digorno Harves Wheat, its GOOD) while watching a movie.  We watched a movie called Stardust.  It was a little differant, strange, wierd, but surprisingly pretty good and a nice change.  I don’t mind those “wierd” movies every once in awhile.  It also gives us something to discuss afterward, which we had a great discussion about it actually.  I love fantasy and fairy tale type movies! 🙂  This one was almost a little parody of fairy tales.  There were A LOT of silly little exaggerations with the characters and events.  It was a very creative movie for sure!


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