Christmas Countdown

Well, it is almost Christmas!  Only a week away until Christmas Eve.  For me, that means only a week away until our families tradition of eating mexican food for Christmas Eve dinner 🙂  My mom found authenic homemade tamales from a friends mother at her school!  YAY they should be good!  She makes queso too sometimes.  I am excited about Christmas this year.  It will be good seeing my family, my uncle is flying in from New York, so it will be good to see him.  It will be great seeing my baby sister, mom, granny and cousin too.  I am sure that alot of people out there have Christmas traditions.  Leave me comments and tell me your favorite Christmas tradition that your family does!!!!

Even though all the traditions are fun, let us not forget the REAL meaning behind Christmas, the meaning behind our lives in general, Jesus Christ.  We are celebrating the miraculous birth of God’s son!  Read the Christmas story.  It is amazing and wonderful! Read about the foretelling of Christ’s birth, Mary and Joseph’s journey and the visitors who came to worship the Savior! (READ HERE, HERE and HERE).  We talked about the birth of Christ and Christ’s visitors this past Sunday in JourneyKidz.  We normally do the Elevate series, but since we had a few weeks before Christmas, we decied to share the Christmas story with the kids, centering the music and small groups around Christmas as well!  It went great.  The kids loved the games and music!  I found a REALLY neat tool for kids for the music.  WorshipJamz!  I downloaded a couple of songs off the Christmas album 🙂  They were a unique take on some normal Christmas songs, drums, guitars, rockin’ for kids, it was awesome!  I LOVE Christmas!

So, I hope that as this week begins the Christmas countdown, you remember the real meaning of Christmas, and of life.  God Bless!


One thought on “Christmas Countdown

  1. Hey Girl. My family does mexican food every Christmas eve too…oy do I love those tamales! I hope we can find some in Colorado.

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