Unwrapping Christmas

Today at Journey, Eric introduced a new series.  It is called “Unwrapping Christmas”.  It takes a look at some maybe not so traditional Christmas passages.  Today, for instance, the passage was not really “Christmas story” related, however, he used it to challenge us in this upcoming Christmas season.  Look for the TRUE Savior, Jesus Christ, in this season.  He is a wonderful gift, one we don’t deserve, one we cannot repay him for, one that is free to anyone.  For those of us who have already accepted this gift, we are responsible this Christmas season (and always) to deliver the Christmas present to others.  We are not the gift, we are simply those who deliver the message, the gift, of Christmas.  Eric used and example of a UPS man.  During the Christmas holidays, UPS guys, FedEx guys, etc. are busy delivering packages, Christmas presents, etc.  However, they are not the actual gift, they only deliver the gift.  Without the UPS guys, we wouldn’t get our Christmas gifts.  Someone has to deliver the gift.  When it comes to Jesus Christ, we are like the UPS guys.  We are called to deliver.  If there are people who we want to share Christ with, who we want to invite to church, who we hope comes to a relationship with Christ this season, we need to be the ones to deliver that message!  So, I am excited about this series.  I love Christmas anyway!  I love the decorations, I love Christmas trees, I love wrapping gifts for family and friends, I love singing and listening to Christmas music, but most of all I love that we are celebrating the birthday of the most amazing gift ever, Jesus!  It is an awesome time to share his love with those around you. . .so do it!  Go out and be a UPS delivery guy 🙂

 This weekend was also my husbands birthday. I actually managed to surprise him this year with a gift.  I am HORRIBLE at keeping secrets.  I am even MORE horrible at actually waiting until the right day to give the gift to the person.  Last year, I gave Andrew his Christmas gift early, his birthday gift early, yes, I know, I am horrible!  But I just can’t stand it!  I get so excited to give someone a gift, I cannot wait to give it to them!  But you know what?  That got me thinking.  The gift of Jesus is one I don’t have to give!  YAY!  I dont have to wait until a certain day of the year or a certain time to give it to someone.  The gift of Jesus is good to give anytime, to anyone.  So, I challenge you, give the gift of Jesus to someone, hey, multiple people, this Christmas season.  Then, continue giving the gift even AFTER Christmas! 


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