Blessings in Disguise

Well folks.  It is that day again.  The day you wait with excitment for beginning Monday!  It’s Friday!  YAY!  I am in the office today working with my amazing husband.  I was also at work yesterday and worked almost the entire day.  I was a busy lady.  This weekend we really don’t have much planned.  We are heading out of town Monday late to Florida to spend Thanksgiving with Andrew’s family.  I am excited!  Pumpkin Pie, Turkey and Dressing.  . .mmmmm I hear the turkeys screaming in fear already!  I also went ahead and got a few Christmas gifts to take with us.  Mainly for our niece, who is only about 4 years old.  That way, she will have something to open, you know, kids love ripping open presents.  And I didn’t want to just send a gift card to a little kids, kinda takes the fun out of everything.  I hope that everyone hear has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Don’t forget what Thanksgiving is for.  Remember all the blessings you have, the family who loves you, the people and friends in you life who are there for you, support you, and remember that all we have in this world is not our own, but the Lord’s.  He has blessed each and everyone of us.  Whether we think so or not at times, He has.  No matter how much money we make, He has.  No matter what tragedies may come in our life sometimes, God still blesses us and loves us.  Take a moment this weekend and next week to really reflect on those times where God was so evident in your life and His blessings so abundant that you could almost reach out and touch Him.  I know that Andrew and I have many wonderful blessings!  I wrote this little phrase last Thanksgiving, and I am writing it again. . .

Count your blessings, name them one by one, count your many blessings see what God has done! 

It isn’t just what we think of as “big” blessings that count either.  Sometimes its the small ones.  Seeing a  butterfly on a beautiful fall morning.  It reminds us of the details and uniquness of God’s Creation, therefore reminding us how He created us unique too and loves us and how through Him, we are a new creation.  It can be a simple call from a friend on a day you are feeling down and just needed encouragament.  It can be enjoying a nice dinner with someone you love.  These are all blessings!  Of course, God can provide big blessings as well, random money when you are in need, a new car if you get in an accident, miraculous healing. . .etc.  But don’t ever overlook the small ones.  Sometimes it’s the small ones that mean the most.  God Bless!


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