Sunday Replay

Well, another new week!  Church rocked yesterday, Eric is doing a wonderful job at the “All In” series.  Yesterday was my first chance to hear a sermon from this series and it was awesome.  My friend Jenny came to visit Journey and she loved it.  She told me she may begin coming and also might want to get involed in the Children’s Ministry!  YAY!  We have been needing some more volunteers!  After church, we had a wrapping party for “Operation Christmas Child” that was tons of fun.  We had several boxes, more than I expected.  Guess that goes to show me God likes to go beyond our expectations.

This leads me to my next point.  As you know, Andrew and I are in the process of creating a vision for a church plant in the Baltimore region.  We have been praying over the last several months for God to really open some doors, show us some confirmations and just give us a sense of peace that this venture, is indeed what God is calling us to do.  Well He did, through a girl named Rachel.  HEY RACHEL!!!  Thanks again!  She happen to come upon Andrew’s site and left him a comment, then one thing lead to another, and we are both in contact with her now, as she seeks to possibly be a part of this church plant!  WOW CRAZY!  And, on top of that, her father is a pastor, in you guessed it. . .Baltimore!  And is familiar and in support of the “Embrace Baltimore” campaign with NAM.  God is so amazing sometimes, huh?  So, we are both looking forward to getting to know her more and keeping in contact with her.  She is a great and godly girl with a true desire to win hearts for Christ, so we are indeed excited at what God has in store.

So, I am just in amazement today at how God works things out.  He always does.  It may not be in our timing, but who cares about our timing anyway?  Right?  God’s timing is perfect. . .and when HIS time is right, the floodgates just may open.  So, be ready people!  I am so excited about the vision we are putting together.  I have a feeling of anticipation like none other folks.  God is about to do someting great, I can feel it!  God bless friends, have a great week!


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