New Week

Well, its Monday again folks.  A new day, a new week, a new chance to start fresh.  I am “starting fresh” this week at work.  You know, coming in on Monday isn’t really all that bad.  I wandered from my normal Thursday and Friday work days because, being the end of the year, there is more little things that need to get done.  It wasn’t QUITE ready last Friday, so I came in today instead.  That means, last week, I only went in one day.  It turned out quite nice though.  It gave me a chance to really get together with some girls I am mentouring and see how they were doing, and hopefully encouraged them in the process.  My study with the young married woman is going great!  She tells me each week how encouraging that time together is, so that truly blesses my heart.  We are learning more about each other, and ourselves, in the process as well.  I love praying for one another!  It is AWESOME to see God work in that way and answer prayers. . .which God does ALOT if you are watching.  I am also meeting with another young college girl now.   She has informed she wants to be my workout buddy because I am so “in shape and toned” and she is not, haha, so that was actually QUITE encouraging!  So, I am helping her to get more healthy and in shape, and using that as an opportunity to encourage her and challenge her in her faith.  It is quite funny trying to talk and do kickboxing at the same time. . .but we are girls, what do you expect!?  Hey, it burns more calories right?  LOL.  I also got together with the girl I have been getting to know that works at the mall.  She is an AMAZING woman of God!  I know God brought us together to be friends and encourageers to each other for a reason.  It will be exciting to see what that will be.  Tonight, I am excited, because I am taking our pastor’s teenage daughter out for dinner while he has staff meeting.  She is an awesome young lady!  I love seeing the woman of God she is being shaped into. I am blessed God is using me in her life, and I continue to pray He will and that I will be a good example to her.  Then there are a few others girls who may not be in the best situations right now that I am consistently praying for and challenging.  I know that God is working.  It may seem that He isn’t, because if it were up to me, things would have gotten better by now, however, I need to remember things are not on MY timetable, but God’s.  God is still calling me to be a part of each of these girls lives, so until He tells me otherwise, I will keep trucking along.  It does get frustrating at times though, don’t get me wrong!  I mean, how many times and many differant ways can you REALLY say the same thing?  But, I trust God and trust God is working, so I will keep at it with HIS strength!  So, God has been doing some incredible things in my life lately.  I love how He is allowing me to meet with each of these girls.  To be honest, for awhile, I was too scared to mentour, because I didn’t think I was strong enough or knew enough.  In a way, I am right.  BUT, with the Lord guiding me and bringing these girls in my life, giving me the wisdom and the words to guide them, I CAN do it.  It isn’t us who does it anyway, it is God.  We are simply blessed enough to be God’s instruments!  And trust me, it is a blessing.  So, step out of your comfort zone, stop being afraid.  Let God use you. . .He will use you in a mighty way if you let Him.


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