Fun and Friends

So this week I have been incredibly blessed.  I have been with friends every day this week!  Monday I went and had a great conversation with the girl I met in the mall, and we are planning on getting together tomorrow for coffee.  Be praying that it goes well and I continue to invest in her life.  I have also reconnected with a friend from our Thailand trip.  She is such an encouragement to me, and she is also excited about the possibility of coming with us to MD for the church plant!  YAY!  God keeps amazing us lately.  Things we don’t expect to happen, happen, and lately it seems like some prayers are answered within 2 minutes of me praying them!  God is so amazing.  He will never fail you, even if it seems that things are not happening or in the right “time”, with God, they ALWAYS come at the right time.  However, please continue to be praying God continues to open doors for the church plant and opens lines of communication.  We are excited at the future and looking forward to seeing what big things God will do!  It is also encouraging to have several people be seriously praying about coming with us.  I think it eases our minds a little.  However, be praying God allows the RIGHT people to come.  We don’t want people coming if they are not the right people!  Have a truly blessed day. 


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