Hard Days Night

Ok, so last night was apparantly another “bad sleep night” for Andrew.  Me, on the other hand, slept like a “log”.  I didn’t even wake up until the alarm went off.  Even then, I didn’t actually GET UP until it went off 3 times, haha oops (sorry sweetie for that!).  Of course, by that point I REALLY had to use the bathroom, haha (guess you didn’t need to know that part though).  I feel bad for Andrew when he can’t sleep.  This is now 2 nights in a row for him.  He gets to thinking about so many differant things, I don’t think his brain really ever turns off.  Oh well, he is smart, a great husband, and doesn’t get cranky when he is tired (like I do, hehe), and seems to do fine on less sleep, so I won’t complain.  Just be praying he gets some truly restful sleep.

Ok, so back to the title of my blog. . .”HARD DAYS NIGHT”. . .Many of us know this song.  I think the main reason I remember it was because I had a tape that Alvin and the Chipmunks sang it on!  When I think of the term “hard days night,” I think of a day that is so hard, so stressful, so tiring, you bring those feelings to bed with you and it makes it hard to sleep because you are still spinning your wheels.  However, the song (originally by the Beatles, I think) talks about how even though he has had a hard day, he knows when he gets home to his “woman” things will be ok.  She will make him “feel alright.”  I know this is a silly song, but there is some truth to it.  Our husbands are out working hard each day in order to do their best to provide for us and our families.  Work to provide comfort, necessities AND luxuries, as well as security.  As women, single, married, engaged, or dating, we need to remember our role to our husbands or future husbands.  Men need to feel respected.  They want to know the hard work they are doing to provide for us, show us love, support us, is not being shoved under the rug, but noticed and respected.  Ladies, respect is the one thing guys need THE MOST.  When your man comes home a little late from a hard day at work, don’t automatically begin railing on him for being late, telling him what YOU had to put up with that day, rather, hug him, tell him your glad he’s home and that you love him.  Let him know how much you respect how hard he works for your family and that because of his hard work you feel secure and loved by him.  Girls, this will work wonders.  If your marriage seems to be a little shaky, try it.  Let your man know you respect the things he does (being they are biblical, of course).  Also, when you begin showing respect to your husband, even if he is a little late, your attitude will most likely be transformed as well.  You will find it easier to love him and honor him, and he will find it easier to love you and cherish you.  Remember that love is a choice, it takes work, but the end result is worth it.  Having a God-centered marriage is a true blessing.  Not only will the Lord bless you each individually for following His word, He will bless you as a couple, and most likely bless others by your example.   So ladies. . .let this speak to you this morning, could your man sing this about you?

“It’s been a hard day’s night, and I’ve been working like a dog
It’s been a hard day’s night, I should be sleeping like a log
But when I get home to you I find the things that you do
Will make me feel alright”  -The Beatles


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