Lord of the Rings

So, yesterday at Journey was pretty good.  We began our “Lord of the Rings” series, which is about family, relationships, dating, sex, and things that could go with it, and how to have these things God’s way.  Our pastor actually co-taught with his wife yesterday and it was good!  It was helpful to be able to receive insights about marriage from both perspectives.  I think that this series will be awesome and really have the potential to draw people to Christ.  God does want us to have great relationships and wonderful marriages, but it’s only when we go about those things HIS way that they will be blessed.  It is only when we make Christ the center of the marriage and both be in love with Christ more than our mate, that a marriage will truly thrive.  I am glad that Andrew loves Christ more than he does me.  You see, because he does this, it actually makes ME feel loves MORE.  And that will be the same for you, when you follow God’s word, make him your FIRST relationship, your FIRST love, your FIRST everything!  I really believe this series will rock, and I am excited to see how God will use Eric through this!

We also had another Newcomer’s Luncheon yesterday as well.  Several new folks stayed to hear about the church more and decide to become members!  YAY!  Sonja (the pastor’s wife and children’s coordinator) and I played with the kiddos while the parents were eating lunch and going through the class.  It was fun!  What a beautiful day we had here yesterday, so playing outisde on the playground was actually very much enjoyable.  I am looking forward to seeing these kids and their families grow in their walks with Christ and to see how God uses them, because I know He can use each of them in a mighty way!  Even a 2 year old is not to young to be learning about Christ.  The little guy we have LOVES it!  He will smile and giggle and is a ball of energy.  When he gets a little older I am pretty sure God has some amazing things in store for him.  So yesterday was overall a great day!  I hope your weekend was great also.  Remember, if you are struggling in your relationships, your marriage, God can do anything!  Put Him as your first love and first relationship and first priority and you will be surprised at what may change about that relationship you thought was hopeless.  Folks, nothing is hopeless with God! 


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