“Making Peace with Your Thighs”

Good morning!  What an absolutely beautiful morning it is here!  Cool, a nice breeze, blue skies, sunny!  Wow, God is an amazing artist, isn’t He? So, I just got done reading a book called “Making Peace With Your Thighs” by Dr. Linda Mintle, (website).  It is a wonderful book about accepting our bodies the way God made them, flaws and all.  You see, we are not going to have perfect bodies this side of heaven, so embrace the flaws, don’t despise them!  I learned a lot from that book, because as small and petite as I am, I do still “freak” about certain areas of my body.  Andrew constantly tells me, HELLO YOU WEAR A 0!!! and you are tiny, very fit, musular, but many days those words have gone in one ear and out the other!  SO, I found this book, used, at Hastings (I guess I only wanted to “love” my body for a price of 7.50, and I didn’t think it was “worth” the full price, who knows, but I am so glad I got this book).  I “learned” that EVERY woman, no matter how big or small has areas of their body they wish were differant.  Hey, we can blame it on Eve, our mothers, whatever, but we all have those areas, and none of our bodies will be perfect on earth.  So, why stress?  Give it to God, love God, focus on God, the creator of our earthly bodies, rather than focusing on the negatives that we perceive we have on those bodies (cause face it, most things we see as “negative” are only in our minds anway and get blown out of proportion!) So, I am so thankful to Dr. Linda Mintle.  I actually had a GREAT day yesterday.  No stress about “imperfect” areas, I was actually VERY excited about my body and the stage in my bodies life, cause we are thinking of starting a family!  How cool is that stage!? So, girls, if any of you are struggling with your appearance, I HIGHLY recommend this book.  You need to realize that we see ourselves with GINORMOUS glasses on that magnify the so called flaws we have. . .most others dont see them!  PLUS, they are not really “flaws” because they were created by God.  We are all unique.  Embrace it!  Stop trying to impress others around you and seek God.  When we do that, our bodies just may not seem to flawed, and you actually can “make peace with your thighs”  God Bless you AND your bodies! hehe 🙂


3 thoughts on ““Making Peace with Your Thighs”

  1. Happened upon your site and saw the review of my book Making Peace With Your Thighs. Glad it was helpful and that you are encouraging others to love their bodies, flaws on all. For me, coming to peace was definately a journey but one I am convinced all women can make. Thanks for the kind words. Dr. Linda

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