Final Answer

Yesterday, I wrote a fairly generic blog.  This morning I woke up feeling really lead to write something on a verse I especially love and cherish.  Don’t get me wrong.  I cherish and love the entire Bible.  All of the Bible is important, but on many differant levels.  It is also relevant on differant levels too.  Somehow, I am pretty sure that that nasty part in Judges where he stabs a guy in the stomach and then he, well, its gross.  In fact, so gross, I don’t think I will type it here!  The point is, while that may not be “relevent” especially now, it is still important and if we are open and willing to hear God’s voice, He can teach us more about Himself, even in the “grody” parts of the Bible!  Ok, so here goes the verse I am going to write on today. 

“For am I now seeking the approval of man, or God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of God.”  Galations 1:10

I don’t know about you, but I do deeply desire to be a servant of Christ Jesus.  He is the only true God, the only one worthy of our praise, in fact, we SHOULD serve him, that is how worthy He is and how unworthy we are.  However, there are many times where I worry WAY to much about what others think about me: what I wear, what I am doing, how much I work, what I eat, what I say, how many kids we should have, when we should have them, and the list goes on. . .and on. . .and on.  I think all of us sometimes struggle with trying to please man, rather than God.  However, in my personal opinion, many times when we are truly seeking to serve Christ, others will most likely look at us like we are nuts, lost our minds crazy!  Or they will say, “Oh my goodness Gladys, did you hear what they are doing?  I thought they were supposed to be Christians!”  Unfortunatly in this time, so many people are “religious” without truly knowing Christ, or know Christ but are happy in the safety zone.  Christ didn’t call us to stay in the safety zone.  He calls us to do things crazy sometimes, heck, even scary at times.  But if we truly seek to please Christ, serve Him, He will be our strength, our support, our shield, our help, and so many other wonderful things.  So when God calls you do something you feel is crazy and others try and talk you out of it, what will your response be?  Will you say, “I don’t care what you think ’cause God told me to do it buddy and there ain’t nothing gonna stop me, not even your big fat mouth”!  Or will you be the one to cave into the peer pressure, stay in the safety zone? All of us have the potential to put aside foolish banter from those seeking to keep up from doing God’s will, we just have to rely on Christ, and seek to serve Him, please Him and only Him (even if that means standing up to your parents! ooooh yes I just said that).  You know, many still think we are crazy for seeking to plant a church.  Some tell us Andrew’s job designing churches is “like using both degrees at once, just be happy with that.”  (Ya, cause sitting alone at a desk designing a church is the same as investing in peoples lives in one) or we are one of the “lucky ones” who have a nice, comfortable, stable job AND get to work in ministry, so we should be satisfied, why do we have to start a church of all things!?  Umm hello DUH!  Cause God told us to.  And THAT my folks is MY final answer! “Is that YOUR final answer?”


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