Labor Day Replay

Hey guys.  I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed holiday weekend.  I sure did.  For the first time in awhile, Andrew and myself really didn’t have any set “plans” to do for Monday.  It was so nice!  We just played everything by ear and ended up having a really wonderful, and special, day together.  We had a great breakfast that Andrew made for us!  Blueberry Pancakes! 🙂  They were really good and it was a lot of fun eating “brunch” together, considering we didn’t eat together until 11:00, haha.  Then we each did some little things we needed to for a couple of hours, but then spent the rest of the day walking around together and just being silly.  The weather was lovely, and pretty cool.  Another wonderful blessing from God, on top of the wonderful day He gave to us.  I love and respect my husband so very much.  He does so much for our family already and I am truly blessed by God to have him for a husband, as well as very underserving.  How was everyone else’s Labor day?Sunday was great too.  JourneyKidz, as always, was a blast and so was the Connection Groups luncheon afterward.  We had both primary couples for our group there yesterday, so that was great!  It was a lot of fun to sit, eat, and enjoy a little bit of the afternoon with some great folks.  I am looking forward to the new groups!  Please be praying that 2 more couples do come to Journey, get plugged in, and become a part of Growth Groups.  We have had several on their 3rd, 4th, or more visit, but have yet to join a group.  So keep that in your prayers.  Also be praying for some more famalies to join with children ages K-2 grade.  It would help to grow JourneyKidz, which would help the other kids as well, but being only K-2 graders, they would really help build a solid foundation for JourneyKidz and future growth.  Thanks

We also saw a movie Sunday night together, which is something we do not normally do, so that was also fun.  We went to see Nanny Diaries.  It was very cute!  Of course, anything with kids in it, I enjoy! 🙂  It really was a cute, funny, and heartwarming movie though and we both enjoyed it.  We shared popcorn and just had a wonderful time doing something we don’t normally do.  So, that was our Labor Day Weekend in a nutshell.  I am truly blessed!  I hope everyone has a wonderful, God blessed and God filled day!


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