Not Perfect, but Progressing

I have been listening to some of a church plant pastors sermons recently while on the treadmill.  They are Steven Furtik’s (elevation church) “Bringing Sexy Back” Series.  They are great, and I highly recommend them!  The are on dating, relationships, marriage, and yes, sex. . .God’s way.  It is a 5 part series talking about what God really wants in our relationships and how many of us have forgotten what that is.  I have been learning alot actually.  The one I was listening to today was part 4, and he was actually doing it as a discussion with his wife.  They were talking about what attracted each of them to each other and how men and women really misinterpret what we think those reasons are.  Guys, most women what a man who will cherish them, love them, be their best friend. . .not some superman character with girnormus muscles and the car to do with it.  Women are emotional creatures!  That is how God created us. . .plus looks fade people (but hey, I have to even remember that about myself sometimes, so it’s ok)!  Also, one of the things that a Christian woman of God really desires in a husband is a man growing in his walk with the Lord and one who will truly step up to be the spiritual leader.  This is where the phrase comes in “Not perfect, but progressing.”  None of us are perfect, but it is vital we are all progressing in our walks with the Lord.  Girls, if a guy looks good, but has NO progression in their relationship with Christ, run away, get out, whatever you do, don’t even think about getting into a relationship.  God desires marriage to be about more than 2 good looking people living in a good looking house with a good looking car and eventually good looking children.  It is about having a marriage built on Christ and Christ alone.  One that will grow and thrive even in struggle.  In order to accomplish that it is VITAL to be progressing daily in our relationship with God.  By progressing in our relationship with Christ, you then, in turn, will progress in our relationship with each other.  It is amazing really.   Anyways, so this series has just been really great and I really encourage everyone to listen to them.  Single, dating, engaged, married, doesn’t matter. . .you WILL learn something!  God is always willing to speak to you, but YOU have to be open to hear Him!  I wanted to add that I am so blessed to have a husband who isn’t “perfect, but progressing.”  Of course many times I do think him perfect cause he is just so darn cute 🙂 hehe.  But the truth is he isn’t perfect, and neither am I.  But because we both strive to always be progressing in our relationship with Christ, each day we love each other more, cherish each other more and grow closer together.  Through the grace and love of Christ, we can love each other in spite of our imperfections.  In fact, some of those IMPERFECTIONS are what make Andrew Philip Kulp the PERFECT husband for me!  God Bless!


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