Sunday Celebration

Hey guys!  I first want to apologize for taking so long to write another post.  This past week was pretty crazy busy and I honestly didn’t even think about blogging!  But, I am FINALLY remembering and getting around to making a new post! 🙂

 First thing of importance, we had a first birthday party for Journey today!  I cannot believe that Journey Church is already 1 year old and that Andrew and I have been a part of the ministry there for 1 year already.  Wow!  What a blessing God has given Andrew and me through Journey.   I am still amazed how good God is!  Also, only being 1 year old, Journey is reaching lots of people and I think that this next year will be no differant.  I think God is about to do something way cool at Journey, and I think all of us there feel it!  It is exciting and scary at the same time 🙂

Next thing kind of fun and funny was I had one of our JourneyKidz girls inform me this morning that she wanted to come and spend the night with me.  Haha!  I was actually very encouraged by her asking that and it made me feel pretty good.  It is always an encouragment to be able and tell how God is using me in the lives of the kids I know, so even though it was silly, funny, but mostly cute, it made my day, what can I say!  I am actually all for it too!  I told her mom if she ever needs to go away and her daughter needs a place to stay, let me know!  I think it would be a blast!  Kelsey is a cutie, fun to be around and an all around good kid and a blessing, so I totally wouldn’t mind that! 🙂  Plus man, its been LIKE forever since I had a sleepover!  Pillow fight!!!!  hahaha!

The next order of “celebration” was lunch today.  Wow was that fun!  We went out to eat with a new couple at Journey, Rusty and Cheryl.  They are about our age, well my age, Andrew is an old fart, haha, but we had a great time.  Cheryl and I have alot in common and alot of life experiences that are similar.  I think God is going to build this friendship and use it for His glory.  I am really excited about it.  Andrew and I, and Cheryl told me they have been doing the same thing, have been praying for a couple who we would really connect with and develop authentic community with.  Both of us know how to be serious when we need to, but yet, are not afraid to be silly and act like kids sometimes, so we have often felt like a “black sheep” at times. However, Rusty and Cheryl are serious AND silly too and she admitted to understanding and feeling much the same way.  We are both thankful for this new friendship.  It was awesome and I cannot wait until we get to hang out with them again! 🙂

 I hope everyone has a great week.  As alway, let me know prayer requests and any feedback or questions are always welcome.  God bless! 🙂


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