on Quitting

Journey Church was pretty great today.  It was my turn to be able an sit in on the worship service, and I must say, I think I was blessed!  We had one of our members and his band open for us and do a couple songs.  It was R&B sounding and totally awesome!  I loved it.  Then we had the Journey Band come and finish up for the rest of the service.  Eric did a great job teaching today and I felt he truly connected with the church.  His sermon today in his series “Confessions of a Pastor” was “Sometimes I Want to Quit”.  There was so much truth in all he said and shared with us today.  You know?  There are times that each and everyone of us want to quit something.  Quit our diet, quit our marriage, quit trying to reach a lost person for Christ, just quit, quit, quit, because we feel it is becomming too hard and more frustration than progress.  However, Eric encouraged us today to NOT QUIT!  There is blessing in continuing your work for the Lord.  The Lord does bring us through hard lessons and calls us to do seemingly impossible tasks, though nothing is impossible with God, and there are times along that road and path we do want to quit, raise the white flag in surrender, throw in the towel, well you catch my drift.  The point is. . .don’t do it.  If the Lord has called you to a specific task, take heart, have faith and trust in Christ to lead you through, to bring you through, and when He does, you will be richly rewarded and blessed!  The Bible says we will!  The Bible tells us NOT to give up doing good, NOT to be mislead by those telling us it’s to hard, to give it a rest, just quit, it isn’t doing any good anyway.  But we can know those are lies.  If God has called us to a certain task, whether it be a specific career or job, witnessing to a family or friend, starting a church, stepping out in faith on a new change in life, being more involved in a ministry, whatever, God WILL lead you through, He WILL help you to succeed.  It WILL be hard, there WILL be rough patches, but you can know in your heart that God will bless those who continue and don’t give up!  I think THAT is awesome and amazing.  It gives me confidence in knowing that there is a purpose in ALL we do, and it is to give God the glory, but in doing so, God will shed some blessings on us, His children, for being faithful!  Cool huh? 🙂  So, if you feel like quitting, TELL SOMEONE!  The Bible also tells us to confess one to another.  This isn’t so we can sit around judging people to see whom is worse than whom, or who has a greater track record for failure, or to embarasses us even. . .it is simply for encouragment.  Tell someone when you want to quit for accountability, for love, for support, for PRAYER!  If you let a friend or someone close to you know you feel like quitting, they can pray for you and encourage you NOT to quit, and help you see the reason you started doing whatever it was you were called to do in the first place.  That is the amazing and wonderful blessing we have in brothers and sisters in Christ. . .they are encouragers, encouraging us in our strengths AND our weaknesses, in our successes AND our failures, in ups AND downs, to encourage us and pray for us in all things.  So, folks, if you feel like quitting something you know you are called to do, please don’t give up.  Don’t be afraid to tell someone, ask them to pray for you, tell them you are struggling and continue on in faith.  God WILL be with you and He will lead you through, no matter how hard it may seem!  Nothing is impossible with God!  And, He will bless you for not giving up! 🙂  So while there are many worthwhile things to quit (smoking, drinking, bad habits, addictions, etc) this is ONE thing that we will stand up and say NO! WE WILL NOT QUIT!  Continue seeking God, continue on the path and continue in His plans for you, don’t give up, you WILL be blessed and encouraged for sticking with it.


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