Women, we are NUTS!

Hey guys!  I have realized this morning how truly blessed I am and wanted to share a little bit of what was on my heart.  To be honest, the first “emotion” I did feel this morning was not blessed, it was annoyance and hurt.  Last night, Andrew and I had a little “dicussion.”  He said something to me that, like most times we have an argument, I took wrong.  So of course, taking it the wrong way, I got mad at him and accused him of being insensitive and uncaring.  However, this is NOT the case.  There is a reason the Bible tells us not to let the sun go down on your anger.  Man, it totally messes you up in the morning!  I felt like, well you know!  It was not until I stepped back, realized that Andrew is NOT the enemy, haha, that I saw how truly blessed I am with Andrew.  He is a wonderful, supportive, and loving husband and I hope he realizes how much I treasure him and appreciate him.  I may not tell him enough, so sweetie, I love you and appreciate you!  I was wrong for becomming so angry that I woke up annoyed with him!  It was over something completely insane and stupid anyway!  You know what ladies, we just really need to CHILL OUT!  RELAX!  You know it’s true ladies.  We like to take EVERYTHING someone says, ESPECIALLY if it is about looks, food, weight, clothes, the WRONG way.  It is like we just are waiting for the chance to pounce on an unsuspecting victim.  So we have an excuse to yell “Oh so you think I am fat! Is THAT what you are saying?”  Well, I just want to tell you from personal experience, that is NOT what they are saying, especially your husband/boyfriend/fiancee.   Unless someone comes right out and tells you that you are fat or a pig or whatever, just dont believe the lie.  Satan can totally get into our heads, speaking in our own voices, telling us this is what they are saying.  He does this in order to make US as individuals believe we are fat, stupid, ugly, whatnot, because when we begin believing those lies about ourselves, it makes us less capable to be witnesses for Christ. . .which is EXACTLY what he wants!  So, ladies, please, don’t believe it.  We are all made in God’s image, He loves each of us, and we are each beautiful to God AND to our husbands!  To be honest, when all we do is worry about it, or accuse them of saying something they didn’t say, it makes us LESS beautiful.   They would rather be married to a size 10 woman who loves herself and sees herself as beautiful, than a size 2 woman who is constantly criticizing herself, asking if she is fat, or thinking you called them fat.  Guys, tell me. . .am I right?  I know with Andrew it is the truth.  I have been learning a lot about being confident in how the Lord made me, and sometimes those lessons are hard.  Andrew had told me himself I am the most beautiful to him when he can tell I love myself and am enjoying the life, AND BODY, that the Lord gave me!  When I put myself down, count every calorie, worry about weight, THAT is NOT attractive to him, and I have a feeling, it isn’t attractive to anyone.  So basically this is stating the truth that we, women, are NUTS!  Men are not the enemy OR the ones calling us fat, stupid, ugly, whatever, we are.  Women are.  It’s our own thoughts, our own words, our own voices, our own selves, THAT is who is calling us “insert criticism here.”  So women of God, cherish yourself, love yourself, enjoy the life God has so richly blessed you with, enjoy the body He created, embrace the uniquness He sculpted and molded.  Remember, we are created in HIS image!  It is when you truly begin believing the positive and stopping criticizing yourself, that you will see others really do think you beautiful!  

So, anyways, all of this has made me step back and see how blessed I am.  This world isn’t our home and we need to stop worrying about it like it is!  God has so richly blessed me with a beautiful home, a loving husband, who does, in fact, think I am beautiful!  God is also blessing me lately by giving me wonderful friends and sisters in Christ!  I had a BLAST yesterday with someone who I KNOW is going to be a wonderful friend to me and she has already been an encouragement to me.  So, ladies, as cheezy as this song is, DO IT!!! “Count your MANY blessings name them one by one, count your blessings to see what God has done”  You will be surprised when you begin listing all the blessings you have, and some you take for grantid or have forgotten about. . .then you just may find that they heavily outweigh the negative things we think we have.  Just a thought. . .if we began putting all the time spent we do worrying about our looks or bodies or calories or clothes or “stuff” into eternal things, how many people could we reach for His glory?


2 thoughts on “Women, we are NUTS!

  1. “They would rather be married to a size 10 woman who loves herself and sees herself as beautiful, than a size 2 woman who is constantly criticizing herself, asking if she is fat, or thinking you called them fat. Guys, tell me. . .am I right?”

    Sweetie . . . you are exactly right . . . especially if you are a size 00!

  2. Wow, nicely put! I too agree with you about the size 10 being more attractive. I have a very attractive 5’0″ girlfriend who barely weights 100 lb. I’m trying to work with her on everything you just wrote about because she constantly asks how her makeup is, how do her eyes look, as well as her cheeks, lips, hair, and nose for heaven sakes. – sometimes three times in a single hour, when there was nothing that changed since the first time I answered.

    I’m beginning to lose hope. Do you have any advice as to how I can convince her that if I said she looks great 15 minutes ago, she must still look great now?


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