Fast Lane: Day 1

Good afternoon! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day so far. Well, today was the first day in our challenge for Journey Church Christ-Followers to live life in the fast lane. Eric challenged us to a 7-day period of life in the fast lane, each of us praying and seeking God to how we are to participate. My husband and I are participating in this exercise and are truly seeking clarity and breakthrough. Clarity for where God is leading. Although we are certain that God is calling us into full-time minsitry, there are still many unanswered questions partaining to that. Where, When? Things like that! Mainly the WHERE! We are also fasting for breakthrough. We both truly desire to see an amazing spiritual breakthrough at Journey Church. One that will allow the church to grow, reach many disconnected for Christ and truly be a light in the community of Auburn! So, we are seeking hard after God and asking Him to use Journey Church for His glory!

This morning I spent a little extra time and went through my journal. It was very awesome to go through my past prayers, feelings, frustrations, and everything that I had brought before God and in turn, see how God faithfully provided, answered or is still answering those! Our God is truly awesome. If you don’t keep a prayer journal, I want to highly encourage you to begin one. It is an amazing testimony to God’s faithfulness and love when you can go back and see that God does provide, he does answer, even those things we think are meaningless, or even ones we think are too big! Nothing is TOO big for God, but the opposite is also true. . .nothing is of too little importance to God. God desires His children to bring EVERYHING to Him! Lay every fear, thought, prayer, concern or request at his glorious feet! So, I want to encourage you guys out there to put some serious thought into beginning a prayer journal. You will be surprised at how much of a blessing it will become!


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