God is SO cool!

Hey guys, I will have 2 blogs today, yay!! πŸ™‚ This one has to do with Journey Church. Well, I just love meeting people out and about throughout my day, and if I feel God leading, I give them in invite card, inviting them to be a part of our services. Sometimes people come, sometimes they don’t. The don’t part can sometimes be frustrating, but the getting them there part is up to God, not us, all we are called to do is to do the investing and inviting! Planting the seed, God will allow it to grow! Anyways, awhile back, I met a really nice woman, Annette, and her daughter, Kelli. We actually talked in Clarie’s cause she joked with me about howI should not bite my nails, then proceeds to ask what my favorite candy is, and told me to carry peanut M&M’s around with me, so when I have the urge to bite my nails I eat them instead. I joked back saying, ya, I would be eating ALOT of those then, which would be worse than biting my nails! She lauged and therefore a conversation got started. We talked for about 10 min or more probably, so felt really confident I should invite her to church with us, so I did. She was so excited and so was her daughter, telling me they were going to be there, and they really wanted to come. Well, I haven’t seen her since that day, so that was a little discouraging. I truly felt that she needed to be part of Journey and wanted to be there, but something was stopping her. So, I began praying that if this were true the Lord would allow me to run into her again! WELL! He answered that prayer this evening! COOL HUH!? I actually ran into her at CVS picking up some medicane. At first, I knew she looked familiar, but couldn’t place it, but again, we struck up a conversation about, would you guess it, medicane, haha. He medicane she was taking now had a generic, which was WAY cheaper. I encouraged her that they are ok, and the same thing as the original, telling her a story about what my doctor said about my medicane, since I also take a generic. Anyways, God spoke to me and said, Hey Emily, ask her about Journey Church. I was like OK, and told Andrew, just a minute, I want to go invite her to Journey Church. . .well at that moment it hit me. It was Annette! πŸ™‚ I was so excited. I went to her telling her she looked familiar, she said the same to me, then I said, we met in Claire’s didn’t we? You had your daughter Kelli with you? She smiled really big and said, YES! That’s it! So, I asked her about Journey and she still wants to come, but has had a lot of family things and other issues. Just be praying for her. She has had three deaths of very close people in her life all within a week or a little over, so she is pretty emotionally drained and has been trying to attend memorials, visit the families, etc. I just wanted to share that, because that really was a God moment and it was the coolest thing ever! I mean, really, God totally orchestrated that meeting tonight, there is no other answer. Sure, you could say coinsidence, but I don’t believe in those. Especially since I have been praying to run into her again so that I may talk to her and again, invite her to Journey! God answered 2 requests this week! God is so cool! πŸ˜€


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