What is faithfulness?

I was recently completing a Bible study of Esther, and Elizabeth George put something in one of the lessons that truly spoke to my heart.   It is on being a faithful follower of Christ.  Now, of course, her studies are for women, but I truly believe all of these traits can be applied to anyone.  At Journey, we truly want to help “ordinary people become passionatey Christ followers”. . .and in order to do that, we need to be people of faith!  So, I wanted to share this with you.  It is currently on my bulletin board at work and encourages and challenges me.  Ok, so here it is, hope it blesses your heart as well!

What does faithfulness do? What does faithfulness look like in action? Well, if you were watching a woman who is walking with God by His Spirit, you would note these marks:
1. She follow through – on WHATEVER she has to do
2. She comes through – no MATTER what
3. She delivers the goods – whether a message or a meal
4. She shows up – even early, so others won’t worry
5. She keeps her word – her yes means yes and her no means no – James 5:12
6. She keeps her commitments and appointments – you won’t find her cancelling
7. She successfully transacts bussiness – carrying out any instructions given to her
8. She discharges her official duties in the church – and doesn’t neglect worship
9. She is devoted to pray – just as Jesus was when He came to do His Father’s will – John 4:34

As you can see, yes, this uses the word “woman and she”, however, all of these traits are wonderful qualities that any child of God can posses and ones that will glorify Him!  As we continue helping at Journey, I sincerely believe that if we at Journey strive for these traits, Journey will grow, will glorify God, and will reach many for Christ!  I challenge you to strive for these 9 wonderful qualities of faith.  I know I am no where near perfect at them, but with the Lord’s help, I am confident that I can develop these and grow!  Remember, God is one who can do and WILL do exceedingly more than we can ask or imagine!  What a wonderful and amazing God we serve!


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