how “BIG” is it?

Hey folks!  Sorry it has been a few days since my last entry!  I had family come this past weekend, a baby shower I hosted at my home and ministry/church on Sunday, then work on Monday!  It was a VERY full weekend, but worth it.  Time with family was great, church was wonderful and I actually got ALOT of work done at the office on Monday!  I am currently still working on it today, but I am working from home, which is MUCH more relaxing. . .YAY! So, the tittle of my blog. . .what exactly am I referring to?  Well, I am referring to your Prayers.  Yup, that’s right.  How BIG are your prayers?  Do you have a “BIG” prayer that you know can only be fullfilled if God fullfills it?  How scared are we to pray these prayers and how much do we believe they can be fullfilled?  Yes, it does take faith sometimes to pray these, but God can increase your faith as well!  This is what our pastor, Eric, challenged us with Sunday.  To pray BIG, to really pray those prayers that you know the ONLY possible way for them to EVER “come true” is for God to answer them!  So, I challenge you. . .WHAT IS YOUR BIG PRAYER?  And, are you ready for God to answer it?  If anyone wants to e-mail me and share theirs with me, I would be blessed to share in prayer with you as you pray for these “BIG” prayers.  Don’t lose heart, don’t lose faith.  We serve an incredible God.  I continue to be amazed at what He does in my life daily.  God promises that He will work in our life, answer prayers.  True, they may not always be answered the way WE think they should or in the time we think they should be answered, but He will always answer.  The problem is, sometimes on our big prayers, we give up.  We think they are too big for God.  NOTHING IS TOO BIG FOR GOD!  NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!  So, don’t give up. . .Ask, Seek, Knock, that is what the Bible tells us.  So keep on asking, keep on seeking, and keep on knocking.  You may just be surprised at the outcome!  We sometimes diminish God by what we pray.  If we think God is too small for our biggeset prayers, then that is what our attitude will reflect, but if we know and believe God is bigger than ANYTHING we can ask OR imagine, then our hearts and faith AND attitude will reflect that.  So, I want to challenge you to a new attitude on God, a new focus.  PRAY BIG!

Since I have challeneged you, I feel it only right to share what the Lord laid on my heart as my “BIG” prayers:
1) That JourneyKidz will EXPLODE!  I truly desire to begin having a “Worship Service” for the kids!  Where kids are leading live worship, live music!  How awesome would that be!  And maybe someday writing our own curriculum for JourneyKidz that mirrors the messages from Eric!
2) I am still praying for “operation August-150”. . .for us to have 150 people at Journey by the end of August
3) That the Lord would use the music I have written to reach the disconnected in Auburn, and elsewhere, for His glory and for His kingdom, Music is one of my greatest passions and one of the ways I feel can TRULY reach people for the kingdom and I truly pray and desire to do that.
4) And lastly. . .that the Lord would help Andrew and I be DEBT FREE!  We truly desire to use our money for the Lord and His work,  helping others in need, helping brothers and sisters in Christ, helping the disconnected and helping others and enabling others to serve and reach the disconnected

Those are the BIG prayers that are on my heart. . .what are yours?  I love you guys!  Remember, God is a BIG God, who will and CAN do ANYTHING beyond what we ask or imagine. . .so PRAY BIG!


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