Great Little Things

I am currently doing a directed study in the book of Judges and Ruth.  It is by Elizabeth George and it is about Cultivating a Life of Character.  I must say, WOW, some of the things in Judges. . .EWWW GROSS!!!  Anyways, that is not the point of my blog today.  The last verse I read today, was actually a verse that Eric used awhile back for his message.  It is Judges 3:31.  It is talking about how the Lord raised up Shamgar and how he killed the 600 Phillistines with his simple oxgoad, an instrument used by farmers.  At the end of my lesson, I saw something cool that she wrote in the study and wanted to share it. . .

“It doesn’t matter how weak the weapon is if God directs and strenghtens the arm. An ox-goad, when God pleases, shall do more than Goliath’s sword. And sometimes He chooses to work by such unlikely means that the excellency of the power may appear to be of God.”

I just thought this was a very interesting statment.  She then goes on to talk about how even what we feel are “great little things” can be used to the glory of God.  I was just wondering, if we at Journey all thought of some “great little things” we could do to reach the disconnected. . .how many more people could that bring to Christ, bring to Journey?  I think sometimes we feel discouraged because we think we cannot do BIG things like others are doing, or that if we did the LITTLE thing we are thinking of, it wouldn’t make a difference (or we think it’s stupid).  I want to say, that no matter how small the task, God can use it!  If God can use an ox-goad to kill 600 Phillistines, He can use each and every one of our LITTLE things in a BIG way!  God can use any and everything as He pleases and for His purpose and glory, no matter how small and insignificant we feel it may be.  I believe, if we all begin working towards doing “great little things”, all of those combined will turn into ONE GIANT GREAT thing!  Imagine!!!


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