August – 150

>Hey again guys!  I just wanted to share what the Lord reveled to me this weekend in my prayer time.  I was praying and really felt a strong sense that we as a church need to be praying for 150 people by the end of August.  It was very strange.  I was praying for the lost and disconnected to come to Journey and it was almost like the Lord whispered to me.  First, he told me 150 people.  I was like 150 this Sunday!  To be honest, I was feeling a LITTLE like, umm not going to happen, but then another still small voice told me end of August.  So I have begun praying for the Lord to allow Journey to have 150 by the end of August.  Interesting thing is (and Eric correct us if we are wrong. . .) was I was sharing this information with my husband this morning after church today.   He goes really?  wow, that is interesting because that would mean we would go to 2 services!  I think it is WAY AWESOME when the Lord calls you to pray for something that you may not completely understand.  When you begin hearing bits and pieces of how things would come together when the Lord fulfills that request, its pretty amazing.  So, I would just like everyone to join me in prayer for 150 people by the end of August. . .Operation August – 150!  YAY!!! 🙂 

Also, we had ANOTHER great day in JouneyKidz today!  GUESS WHAT!  We had 7 kids!!!  One was so precious.  Her name was Anna Grace.  She loved it so much and was so sad that she may not be back next week and told me she really wants to.  So be praying for Anna Grace and her family.  Her mother was also very precious and I truly enjoyed getting to know them!  This brings me to ANOTHER amazingly wierd prayer time with God.  I was printing out material for JourneyKidz on Thursday.  Usually, we have 2 faithful kiddos come, Erin and Loree.  I guess I was feeling discouraged because I was thinking to myself, why do I print out this many, when only 2 kids come!?  Well, when I was putting together the activity packets. . .I printed out 10 copies of each thing, I was only going to do a few actually together and bring extras, but God told me “Emily, you need to make 7 packets”  I was like wierd what a randomn number.  HOWEVER, as you read earlier, guess how many kids showed up!?  7!?  CRAZINESS!  Isn’t God awesome 🙂 YAY! So, both of these points brings me to realize.  God is all-knowing, amazing, glorious, awesome, mighty, and so many more wonderful things I cannot even begin to describe, but he is ALSO faithful and when He calls us to pray for specifics, we need to trust Him, do it, and patiently wait on Him and His timing. . .BUT he can do ANYTHING!  NOTHING is impossible for Him.  I think that is pretty amazing to think about, but sadly, I tend to forget it at times, but this morning, God really showed me 🙂  I really think that Operation August – 150 is possible!  So, pray with me!  Have a wonderful and blessed week in the Lord, all!


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