Jesus: Was he really all that civilized?

Ok, so here is a random thought for the day.  Was Jesus really all that civilized?  Should we as Christians be “civilized?”  When I think of civilized I think of doing things “safe” or in a way so we don’t get “hurt.”  However, I believe that we as Christ-followers, should sometimes do things that seem crazy and that maybe are not all that safe.  Jesus himself was not always “civilized”. . .how about when he overturned the temples, turning over tables, yelling at the people in the temple for making his Father’s house a place of profit?  That, to me, is not civilized.  Maybe sometimes we, as Christians, should not be afraid to live outside the box of what we think Christianity should be!  If we did, think of how many more disconnected people we could reach. . .it is a pretty humbling thought.  I am not saying that we should live in a way or do ANYTHING that comprimises Christ or the laws He has set for us.  When I say to be uncivilized, I mean doing things in a manner that others may see as crazy or too “out there.”  As Christians, we are not called to a “safe” life!  To be truly passionate, sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone of what we think church should be and do something that will draw others to Christ!  Are you living too safe today?  Or are you doing your best to be an “uncvilized Christian”?


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